Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Frozen Teddy

This week we have been learning more about the animals and birds who live near the North and South poles.

We were excited and surprised today when we had a package with a letter. Inside the box was a poor teddy, frozen solid in a block of ice! The letter was from a kind polar bear who had found the teddy lost in the snow and sent him to us for help.

Nursery and Reception thought of ways to help teddy....

Wrapping him in a blanket,
Giving him hugs,
Cracking the ice with a hard spoon, but being careful not to hurt teddy!
Using a hair drier,
Putting him in the tumble drier
Feeding him hot chocolate because that always helps us to feel better.
We did lots of talking and enjoyed being mini scientists. We started to use great words like "thaw" and "melt".

In the end we decided to put Teddy in the water tray with some warm water and gently pour it over him to thaw teddy out. It took a long time but we got teddy out in the end!!

Then we wrapped him up and wrote letters to thank Polar Bear.

The children also practiced their chopping skills and we made some delicious vegetable soup. It tasted especially good when we dipped bread in and ate it.

Look out - Reception also found lots of penguins to be counted.

We had a great chilly snowy exploration!

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