Sunday, 4 October 2015


This week we talked about who our friends are and what we like doing with them. There were lots of great ideas......

"Going to the park and driving cars down the slide together"
"Sharing sweeties"
"Having kind hands and good hands"
"A friend holds your hand"
"My mummy is my best friend"
"Talks about things you like"
"Plays nice"
"Makes you happy"
"Plays with you and the house"

Lots of the children talk to their family and friends on the phone or FaceTime/Skype video calls.

We talked about who you should talk to like this -  a friend is someone you know and the person looking after you must always say it's ok before you talk on the phone or online.

Thank you eCadets for helping us to think about staying safe online.

Real friends like to play together.

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