Friday, 18 September 2015


In the lovely weather over the last few days the children have loved playing in the mud kitchen. Reception and Nursery love to play together and help each other learn.

They know not to pick the flowers and plants in the garden as that would damage them, however when we found berries on our tree we agreed they could use them to make "berry pies"

The children did lots of problem solving and working together. 

The berries were too high so they thought of a way to jump and get the berries down together.

They found water in the water butt by the water wall, and mud in the digging area. They were very careful not to hurt any of the worms or snails we had seen in there over the week.

Once they had got together all the amazing ingredients they set about making yummy porridge for the three bears.  The children were excellent at working safely and sensibly and wearing aprons and overalls to keep them dry. 

As the children play together like this we are watching the ways in which they act with other people and their environment, and how they are showing characteristics of effective learning. These characteristics help them to be great learners.

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